About us

We are a French manufacturer specialized in technical and elastic textiles. Located in Saint-Chamond (Loire), Berthéas gradually moved from medical/orthopaedics market pure player to sport, protection and military components based on a constant innovation state of mind.

A highly qualified team (R&D, production, sales …) of more than 60 people is focused to deliver the best products to our clients maximizing quality, efficiency and design.

Industrial manufacturer of elastic fabrics

Since the creation of the company in 1929 by Antoine Berthéas, we have been specialized in manufacturing technical and elastic fabrics for the medical and othopaedics market.

From 1990, we expanded our range of products leveraging our Jacquard equipments and skills. We also built and moved in a brand new factory in the early 2000s.

Main European weavers

From our early days till now, our teams have been focused on improving our products, tools and processes based on a strong R&D and innovation spirit.

As a result, leveraging distinctive patents, we are one of the European Leader in the elastic textile field.

Research and development

Berthéas currently allocates more than 4% of its turnover in R & D, which allows us to maintain a very high level of creativity and innovation for our clients :


We guarantee the highest level of textile confidence through the selection of our materials, our suppliers and the production processes of our elastic fabrics.

We are certified OEKO-TEX :

CQ511/1 – Product Class 1 

CQ511/5 – Recycled Materials

Berthéas france

10, allée Léonard de Vinci
Parc d’Activités de Stélytec - B.P. 28
42401 Saint-Chamond Cedex France